We Are Carnival: Manifest

Who we are?

Augusto and Eduardo are the founders of “We are Carnival” and two fans of the Carnival of Salvador. Both are born and raised in the Center of Western Brazil, but have a heart of a Brazilian Northeasterner (where Salvador Carnival happens). It all started after the Salvador Carnival of 2013, in Morro de Sao Paulo, while sitting with our crew in one of the beach huts …

The talk was about the lack of information regarding the Carnival of Salvador and how this made it difficult for many people to get to know the carnival. Between one beer and another, the idea came to us! Why not take advantage of our experiences and create a website or app to help people go to the Salvador Carnival? Why not encourage people to talk about their experiences and help less experienced revelers?

The idea matured for almost 2 years until December 2015. That is when we launched the first version of the “We are Carnival” website. We worked hard on it! It is rewarding to know that we are helping people to be happier at Carnival. That’s what motivated us!

Augusto e Nathália (SSA 2015)
Augusto e Nathália (SSA 2015)
Edu e Lalya (SSA 2016)
Edu e Layla (SSA 2016)

To know more about what we believe and what we think, read our Manifest below!

Our Vision

We imagine and want Carnival to be a positive and unforgettable experience for everyone. We believe that sharing information, guiding, and exchanging experiences are the best tools to build a Carnival that is best for everyone; Better for the tourist, the natives, with better services and with more attention to the protagonist of this party: the revelers.

Our Values

Paixão Carnaval Salvador

We are passionate about Carnival! We believe that Carnival should be a moment of celebration, joy, meetings, and laughter.

Cooperação Carnaval Salvaodr

By sharing our knowledge and experience, we are convinced that we are improving the Carnival for many people. And we want this to multiply in Brazil, and spread to the world. Creating bonds and meeting people should be the foundation of our work.


Sharing what we know is essential. Our commitment is to the quality and credibility of this information. Having a good carnival and enjoying the best of what it has depends on this.


We defend a diverse carnival, in which all tribes and all tendencies can live and enjoy. And each one of the way that you think is better, because there are options for all tastes and budgets. After all, Carnival is a union in diverse, democratic fun.


Have high spirits. Be peaceful. Be joyful. Be Carnival !!!

Sócio-Fundador desse projeto meio louco chamado Somos Carnaval.